How retractable banner ad boost napkin product market share

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Sophie sanitary napkins Why can beat the old brand reliable, good comfortable market share? This is the key to success, what magic?

"With Sophie, really good at ease!" This retractable banners ad slogans, female consumers will be able to fluently because from Jiao associated lay the night with tampons market, that is, 10 years ago, spokesperson Athena phrase then imprinted in the minds of consumers, market share rushed sanitary napkins market first.

We have to talk about Sophie's success, mostly with sanitary napkins market from Sufi Wenzhawenda night talking about.

Many people may not know Sophie's first-generation called "Sufeisuolei, because the brand name market several brands are words mainly, such as: good, comfortable, reliable, Lei Niya, etc., in order to highlight differences Jiao linked to the four-character name. However, perhaps because of the lengthy name difficult to remember, the next year after its launch in 1992, will simplify Sophie.

Jiao-linked advertising Headquarters Associate of high RAYSON to reporter said, when the two brands is good comfortable, reliable sit tight tampons top two, Sophie probably only four or five points. Sophie would "pocket Sophie" as brand appeal, this is also quite familiar with consumer stereo leakproof side predecessor.

Innovative retractable banners help increase the real estate business

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Farglory 70 million annual budget, combined with media advertising agency units, to happiness - Community upgrade "as the main, to take cross-industry, Hironobu testimony cooperation with community activities, retractable banners advertising, to build" close to the customer demand, enhance the value of the product, the establishment of corporate image quality brand, and bring new business opportunities.

The economic downturn, the real estate market is now being seriously challenged, not only the volume declined significantly, even Kanwu crowds disappeared continuous effect caused by the real estate industry have closed; the still bullet substantial layoffs, in order to spend the economy in the doldrums.

Can not sell real estate, real estate marketing, of course, is not good to do at this moment how to do real estate marketing, is a test of every real estate marketing staff. Farglory has always been treated as the real estate brand marketing in 2009 to more in-depth neighborhood community with happiness marketing, telephone marketing, retractable banner stands marketing, and other means of comprehensive, to sell real estate.

Applications of Retractable Banners

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In a convenience store, a bank or post office facilities, for example, customers wait in line or wait for its completion of the service. In these types of cases, consumers belong to, in essence, "loyal listeners". In fact, not a form of retractable banners like nothing to do, get exacerbated, or spend your time daydreaming, or check the personal digital assistant or mobile phone.

In a favorable position, and clear retractable banner, first rate content, for the stimulus for the service, not just to kill time, but equally important, are still there, hire other products or services, or in other similar facilities. Therefore, the bank patron may be encouraged to start a the automatic payroll check deposit services, rather than every week wait in line.

Or post office patron may encourage the use of the lobby machine to weigh his or her own package, and then use a credit card to pay the postage, postage himself a parcel, and the parcel on the Inbox.

How effective is retractable banners when even mom is going online

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General marketing strategies like those with retractable banners are often a myth, is the "Mom ethnic lifestyle is more traditional, even not associated with the" Internet ", but found in a recent survey report, the mother population is actually love the Internet, and network media moms information gathering and purchasing decisions, plays a very important role.
Mom ethnic characteristics

The period of time from the Internet point of view, most people usually intuition that mothers are usually busy with work and family, there is no time on the Internet. But in fact, the mother colony daily Internet use time average of 3.6 hours, and the majority concentrated in the evening from 9 to 12:00. Through the survey found that mothers in all kinds of supplies information collection and purchasing decisions play an important role. Elements that influence their purchasing decisions order of price, functionality and brand.

B2B retractable banner ad portal entering non-US market

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Was founded less than a decade, in mid-2007 revenue has already reached $ 284 million in Alibaba (Alibaba), announced on July 24 to set up branches in US and offices in North America, Switzerland, India, Japan, Hong Kong Alibaba After that, another new actively expanding stronghold. Along with a vast experience in international markets and member resources, Alibaba's presence, is bound to existing network media will bring no small threat.
Although Alibaba is positioned in a B2B e-commerce platform, but the network without borders, for both Internet media in US, such as B2C based Google has even crossing the harbor to the other shore, officially compete with Alibaba US B2B e-commerce, "as long as" will cause a certain degree of shadow want this B2B Internet retractable banner ad battlefield, back. Alibaba 2005 acquisition of Yahoo China, US Yahoo! Yahoo! is also the name of a "strategic partner", side by side with Alibaba cooperation to seize US B2B market.