Summer lemon ice tea promotion with retractable banner stands

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Want to feel cool and fun, take a trip to the beach! Nestle lemon tea in order to stimulate sales of summer, and the unique surfing in the sea, highlights cool impression. This both stylish and healthy sport, but also for the brand into the popular cool elements. What Nestle how to operate this retractable banner stand marketing campaign?

Mention Nestle lemon tea, should emerge in many consumers' minds is retractable banners advertising in the sun, the beach, there would only odd appearance not Young's one-eyed monster, as well as the products cool and refreshing impression!

In 2008, Nestle lemon tea to catch the surfing youth of ram, to lead the consumer into the actual beach, enjoy the cool products to highlight the advantages and the spirit of the brand, while stimulating the convenience store channel sales with retractable banner stand promotions.

Therefore, Nestle lemon tea "surfing" to strengthen the product refreshment impression and brand preference, and to stimulate product sales during the summer.

Nestle's challenge is how to use of the media under a limited budget, the production and retractable banner stands promotion of public relations activities together, both to reach a single window to facilitate the implementation, but also full use of media propaganda resources to achieve maximum exposed.

In recent years, many of the artist's enthusiasm led, surfing in US become a fashionable and healthy sport. Nestle by surfing, in addition to continue to strengthen consumer Nestle lemon tea "freshness" product advantages, but also for Nestle lemon tea brand into a trend, cool impression. At the same time, young people are fond of entertainment news program as a propaganda platform to catch the surf craze, and to strengthen the link between Nestle lemon tea and surfing; reuse the key in the invoice mechanisms and show live call in the interactive call out game, boosting sales The amount and increase brand preferences.

The Sanli TV Nestle and activities known to do a project co-operation, by Sanli responsible for TV advertising production shooting the campaign website build, as well as the activities of propaganda comprehensive integrated program services (total solution service).

Advocacy component, in addition to strong exposure outside of the retractable banner stand ads and programs import and export card with teenagers favorite entertainment Sanli complete entertainment, as Nestle major promotional platform to interact with consumers.

  1. the titles credits call in and call out raffle: by the complete entertainment presenter renfu, of Xu Mengzhe and JR, and audience interaction in the program, with a Nestle summer the wave I play SP activities.
  2. Surfing VCR placed: Invite nowadays red idol actor Ethan Ruan days and Yao Yuan Hao sizzling surfing, surfing PK tournament and into a brand name.
  3. News reports placed
  4. Nestle summer waves I play the campaign website
  5. Surfing blog lively discussion
  6. Shuang newspaper ads exposed

The retractable banner stand promotional activities of this wave of consumer participation in a warm summer waves play "the activities down seven weeks, a total of 110,740 visitors Internet the input purchase invoice number. Ongoing through Starcom nearly two years, the online survey system the "Catalyst IntenTrack" found during the execution, "Nestle summer waves I play activities project the impression of consumers Nestle lemon tea, regardless of brand preference degrees, purchase intentions, word-of-mouth marketing, as well as the endorsement of the brand, has a very significant upgrade.