How public bank promote the brand with retractable banners

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38 bank brands in US, started from the Kaohsiung Public Bank, obscure branch was in short supply, Things have been a little bit is not very convenient. 2009 Volkswagen a consumer awareness survey found that most consumers do not know the social Volkswagen Bank, while existing customers, although I think that Volkswagen friendly, cordial, but it seems less so little fashion sense. This brand image and 38 banks compete against.
Xu Jianzhou joined Public Bank in 2008 that the "brand building" is the general public which path to take, and the sound volume of the brand to do "social re-understanding Volkswagen. Therefore, it was decided to target "image-building" brand with retractable banners. Xu Jianzhou Intel as an example, although consumers are not always clear exactly what computer inside the processor, but every time they buy a computer, will be concerned with the above label is not affixed with Intel's Intel represent a symbol of technological quality.
The same reasoning can be applied in the public body. Everything banking services Not every consumer need for all commodities. But once consumers trust the brand, as long as he needs to, it will look for the general public.

Brand Wars Lead!

From Singapore Xu Jianzhou entered traveled far away from the public, the first thing is to actively interview, finding talent, and work together for the Volkswagen brand shaping. Many professionals of the financial sector, has long been the mainstay of the major banks, the various Reds are the number one, heard public interview to solicit senior managers, could not help wondering: a small Volkswagen Bank, even handing out head, but also major the bank manager queuing interview. However, Xu Jianzhou insisted on using the interview method Careers, on the one hand, through in-depth communication, to find a suitable partner, on the other hand can be "spying on the enemy", beating the ecology of US's financial circles.
And if we want to make the ads, do the brand, you can not help but look at the opponents how to do it?
Xu Jianzhou that the brand of the most successful banks in the US market in the case of CITIC "We are family" warm image in people's minds. CITIC as rivals Volkswagen plans within a year, the squeeze in consumer perception Top 10. However, the public budget is not much, the ads sound volume share (share of voice) is less than 5%, how the retractable banner stand out in a competitive market?

The first aim of Advertising revenue before!

Without revenue, there is no advertising. Xu Jianzhou said the results of advertising is not a panacea, especially in the financial industry, especially. Therefore, the public must first be a sound banking system, revenue stable growth, advertising investments have value-added significance. Beginning in 2009, the public to maintain a growth rate of about 6.5% per quarter until the fourth quarter of 2010, the substance of the public revenue reached NT $ 2.1 billion. The revenue steady growth behind the public how to start from the products, channels, publicity to start with, the reconstruction of a young fashion brand?
1. Complete goods and services

In order to reverse the public impression of just a small southern bank of First mass actively expand in the north branch in Taipei, 34, 25 southern and central parts of seven branches. The greater the range of branches of the service network, consumers feel more comprehensive service.
In addition, the general public at the same time expand the complete line of products to serve customers, improve the original have basic services such as credit cards, deposits. Add such as female professionals users or children specifically users, good financial management to facilitate the consumers of different ethnic groups. On the other hand, is also planning a wider range of financial commodity, to contain monetary investment, and investment in financial markets. Public Bank brand is a first step, to strengthen the product line.
Details of the achievements pathway

Pathway counter banks to reach consumers first line, but also the brand of the facade. Strengthening commodity is very important, but Xu Jianzhou that the "process" is the public key to create differentiated products can easily be copied, only a simple and fast process to retain consumers in the shortest possible time.
In order to allow consumers to recognize the efficiency of the public, the general public, both personnel and equipment, sophisticated, not only to strengthen the training of personnel, re-planning counter moving lines, additional ATMs. 2010 Nantun flagship branch, the first bank Thru, so that consumers do not get off also can do business.
To the improvement of the physical channel, the public did not ignore the virtual path the banking business website revision in 2010, and update the functionality of Internet banking, so that consumers can more financial peace of mind through a network management.
3 new brand identity

In the past, Public Bank unified trademark, but due to different restrictions for each store, the design of the signs of the branches is not consistent. Public Bank to enable the new brand identity in 2009, retained the original trademark heart-shaped pattern, plus brand name in English, to help the public and the international standards. After the opening of the new identification, Volkswagen signs of the branches of a series of design, giving a more professional image, and also make the brand more overall sense and consistency.
Touching ad strong play

Ma Xiaochang Choir from the mother's courage to dream Knight, Volkswagen hired Ogilvy shot a series of brand image advertising, to convey extraordinary extraordinary strength in the film. The three films are drawn from the story of US, hoping to talk through the little joys, highlight the public spirit of the USese.
Xu Jianzhou beginning period of promise this series of ads: have not touched, it is not successful. He believes that the USese people are very emotional, easily moved and made a star singer artist frequently moved to tears on many programs, such as a few days ago the Avenue of Stars of the explosion of red, continuous. Therefore, Xu Jianzhou ad targeting in filmmaking.
Public Bank's advertising to the three-minute version broadcast in the Lunar New Year holiday period, and to seize the most prime-time premiere, after successive broadcast version of 1 minute and 40 seconds. 2010 New Year brave the mother Tsai Orioles sister; 2011 Spring Festival is the old heart of the five Knights of the old dream become a hot topic for consumers on New Year's Eve reunion table. Although some criticism, the big New Year is crying, funerary lens looked really big to come to grief. However, Xu Jianzhou decided to premiere in the Chinese New Year on New Year's Eve period, Volkswagen Bank the reunion the Hearthside the topic, but also so that the public employees in their hometowns reunion, told his family to work in the mass to be proud. Although few grades of mass advertising, but pay close attention to the good time, shot it fired the topic. In addition, mass advertising films broadcast in cinemas, allowing the audience to experience the story as elaborate as a movie from the big screen.
The topic driven efficiency points

In addition, the Public Bank's ad campaign, through YouTube and Internet communication, a total of over 60 million people watching. The Dream Knight breath red to China, not only more than 2.8 million hits on YouTube sharing platform in China movie Cool excellent rate of about 4.5 million hits. An extraordinary extraordinary general public, the story rendering power of the heart, to become the topic of discussion.
Dream knight movie not only on the Internet, causing a high degree of attention to various media is also widespread coverage. The Eastern, FTV, transit news has news footage reported, while the well-known variety show "All the biggest party" Dream Knight imitate plot. "Wall Street in New York Post" blog, careful analysis of the reported dreams Knight US. Dream Knight's topic is the more speculation and more heat, and in the foreign media exposure, the brand has been the best publicity.
Extraordinary extraordinary popular series of ads, ads sound accounted for more than a small, but relatively large spread of benefits, Public Bank not only earn consumers moved tears, also won all the extraordinary retractable banners spirit of the brand identity Public Bank.