Creating new opportunities on social media channel with retractable banner marketing

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When US's Internet population has reached nearly 1.200 million, the Internet media contact rate is 46%, 45% beyond the newspaper. Brand managers of the major companies are also increasingly concerned about the development of the Internet marketing and the use of Internet-based media. In the end, how to operate the network marketing brand managers? How to use Internet-based media? In the past few years, the rise of a wide range of Internet marketing company, as well as advertising agencies, media agency network department, became the advertiser partners in US.
What an outstanding network marketing company in US? These network agents for Planning What are the success stories? This month, the brains editorial department, especially for readers Hunting network marketing company, to identify the characteristics of these company's major customers, the representative case, easy for advertisers to choose cooperation partners; Also elected this year The classic case brains readers a glimpse into the Internet Marketing wonderful.
Network operation innovation

Looking at 2008, the operation of the network marketing company continues to introduce new test of the marketing team of creative and observant. Retractable Banner marketing tool for the overall development in the past few years began to be widely used, such as: multimedia, instant messaging, blogs, community, word of mouth operation, multiple operating this year towards mature critical moment.
Traditional website or event production, although there is a certain function, but has been unable to meet the consumers 'and customers' growing appetite With Flash (animation), Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML to create interactive web applications development technology), RIA (Rich Internet Application, applications running on the Internet) and technological progress, as well as, Google, Yahoo! and other Internet giants launch integrated services (such as: Blog, SNS, Map, etc.), and gradually "mix and match" (mashup) play, if you can make good use of the current network technology, combined with their own creativity, possible combinations of more innovative marketing techniques.
The flaming Internet word-of-mouth marketing

In addition to erecting official website, the most common Internet marketing methods, such as: the establishment of brand or activity Blogs, so users have more input for the brand, as well as express different views, the formation of the real exchange space. In addition, the recent red Internet word-of-mouth marketing, starting from the blogs or social networking sites, through the writers and articles concatenation activities, so that the message can be rapid and widespread diffusion caused by the repercussions of the community and interaction, and even in the news indicators, as well as the topic of public discussion, the corporate marketing team is doing all it can to find the most able to attract the contact point of the target population. No matter what mode of operation, the purpose of Internet marketing is starting from the target groups concerned about issues closer to their needs, so that the target group online to experience the brand or product characteristics, in-depth hard interaction and exchange with friends, rather than for the activities and activities, game for game, but ignored the important objectives of the overall retractable banner marketing.
Internet marketing approaches have their own coup

The US market is still a lack of credibility of the effect of the judgment mechanism, large portal to the player and referee, data for advertisers automatically discount calculation, various effectiveness analysis by various media agencies from telling their own stories .
Due to the lack of a strong and vigorous investigation and tracking data, advertisers difficult to clear understanding of the benefits of the Internet media, thus reassuring the budget invested in the Internet media. Therefore, many network marketing team are facing advertiser's online marketing budget, catch up with the quality of service requirements. Since the Internet media has become a battleground, most advertisers are aware of the network In addition to television, the media can contact the potential customer base, network marketing practices are also contending in 2008, have wonderful performance.
The Case 1 Helen Sandra wire to create attractive image

Do you know Jolin Tsai soar for what shampoo it? Do you think that actor Benjamin ads can successfully find the answers? In August this year, television advertising, outdoor advertising have emerged in the The Jolin Tsai changed shampoo messages invite the curiosity of the public Internet Watch Jolin Tsai six-day ", Benjamin Truman show - looking for what brand shampoo" activity. Activities on the site, you can see the actor Benjamin Jolin Tsai hair seductive secret to find a way to find out, in addition to the carpet in her room search, find many friends to assist friendship, even Jolin Tsai gave Benjamin several prompts.
Helen cents degrees silk

Give consumers a new brand image

This online Live show, Helen Sandra silk new promotional practices, and the answer is revealed that many consumers were very much surprised. Long time, Helen cents degrees silk market leading brands, but functions give consumers the impression of "anti-litter" is too strong, so many people think that the need to use dandruff shampoo, and anti-litter will take away the scalp moisture, make hair dry and frizzy and dull.
In fact, Helen cents degrees silk has developed three major series 7 models shampoo can be different hair care can not only anti-crumbs, hair become more supple. Helen Sandra silk own product efficacy have great confidence in the product before the official launch, invited the beauty of US's major media editor Blind Test (blind test, test subjects do not know the brand) nearly 80% of the beauty editor Helen cents degrees silk wash, conditioner and efficacy amazed.
A short period of time to create the subject

Therefore, Helen cents degree wire hope the new "attractive" brand image to convey to consumers, in order to "create a surprise" core demands, users can watch actor Benjamin's every move on the Internet, and to meet the desire of everyone peeping. Internet chat with Benjamin, give advice, regardless of the the Jolin hair hid no secret that in the process of looking for answers, but also to create the depth of communication interaction space.
Procter & Gamble External Affairs Ministry public relations manager, said Zhao Qi, surrounded by a lot of people are asking her answer is Helen cents degrees silk, but she is not like a spy game, the degree of confidentiality. "At that time, even the reporters in a telephone do not dare pick!" This spectacular propaganda tactics, created over 150,000 pages views in six days, more than 10 million people browse the amazing benefits of online chat rooms therefore traffic greatly increased, resulting in a thrilling situation when the machine several times. In addition to allow consumers to surprise, Helen cents degree wire also strongly convey the message of the "attractive", traditionally masculine brand to add a lot of charm image. With keyword advertising, so that people searching for the word "attractive", so that the brand image is more deeply rooted. In the activities carried out within six days, "attractive" keywords total of about 20,000 search up to about 79%, about seventeen thousand times the number of clicks, click-through rate, and keyword's CTR highest Yahoo! Kimo's record high.
Starcom Helen Sandra wire media agency, media planning assistant manager said Wang Xuan uniform, hopes to strengthen communication with the consumer only ingenious way to convey a new kind of women on their own brand spirit, showing the spokesperson with Helen cents The link between the degree of wire, so that consumers more impressive. Network publicity or marketing, but also with the careful deduction Planning. In addition to quickly build consumer awareness and image, but also to continue to interact with consumers, and to be able to let the brand image to create more effective.
Case 2 Lyle enrichment point-for-tofu people online word of mouth is big success
Mentioned convenience stores HiLife, flash into your heart will be what?

HiLife in terms of brand image and base the number on the ad budget, far less than 7-11 with the whole family, but the launch in March of this year, "the the the HiLife tofu the people Beiwan group 77 set points gathering activities" not only set points higher threshold, in advertising, only the use of broadcast and network media, 400,000 copies of the cups and saucers groups not only in a month convertible finished turnover homeopathic growth of 20%.
Limited budget HiLife, how to create a huge success in the contrarian?

Limited budget, this wave of HiLife point programs, commissioned by the studio responsible for the ads broadcast advertising by Dharma Media is responsible for the network marketing, hope to quickly lead to the marketing channels of the dotcom boom, we increased our turnover and create good word-of-mouth the ultimate goal of the assessment.
Dharma Media Marketing Director Xu Jingtai US blogs arrival rate has reached more than 70%, while many of the research also pointed out that the word of mouth for the vast majority of Asian countries, with high credibility. Now consumers may no longer trust advertising, but for friends, family and network views, but it is no doubt. In order to successfully create online word of mouth, Bodhidharma three stages of blog marketing advertising, Internet marketing is not dead.
First step: Gold writers recommended

Create high popularity

Before the campaign officially began, Bodhidharma invited five popular bloggers - the devil Chen, angels Ka lady Nana, love cherry elegant and amy & anthony, they use unique creative the HiLife tofu cups and saucers group writing articles to recommend. Since the target consumer demands convenience store for the general population, the the gold writers also elected must cover the different ethnic groups. For example: the devil of Zhen and angel Kerry to the housewife's point of view, to teach you how to buy the most cost-effective and the lady Nana's readers are mostly 25-30 year-old office worker, love cherry elegant amy & anthony for young women in general.
Five bloggers in activities before and after the event, each published an article, high popularity to make good use of the golden bloggers, not only to create a commodity high visibility, but also to strengthen the impact of loyal readers, inform Events, through reference articles or links way to stimulate discussion and other promotional campaign easily.

The post gold bloggers created about 37 million people browse articles, 219 palindrome good results, the number of effective reply to the article 3.5 times higher than the general activities of the official website, while the budget is 10 times lower than the general activities of the official website.
Step two: blog viral marketing

The hundred push Wenchong popularity

Depth recommended by the author in addition to inviting gold writers, each blog owners are actually one of the best media salesman, the popularity of these blogs may be less than popular tribal, but they affect mostly friends and family around the impact force is more powerful.
Japanese creativity up to a large gathering of people ideas of the people devilrobots tofu recommended articles activities, invite bloggers to participate in the second wave of publicity, willingness to recommend each blogger can participate. The event attracted more than 300 bloggers to join within a month on the accumulation of more than three hundred thousand visitors, the blogosphere degrees is a substantial increase in HiLife tofu attention. In addition, Yahoo natural search results, add more than 3,000 multiple recommended articles.
Step 3: cohesion popularity

Play The Butterfly Effect

The final step of the publicity, popularity cumulative sucked the gold writers and hundred tweets, blog advertising the (Blogger Ads) platform integrated into economic benefits through the series, so that the significant increase in the exposure of the retractable banner stand promotional activities and products. The event total of 7,000 active click on the free stickers, very strict, the identification of effective exposure each ad must be complete and expand the exposure for more than 10 seconds. Blog effective advertising the HiLife cup and dish, the tofu people point programs, increased more exposure.
Hi this point programs, not only let the revenue grow significantly in a month more than 20%, but also allow users of the HiLife brand favorability enhance, can be said to be very successful. Set point compared to other convenience store has introduced different themes collection activity, continued to create topics and heat HiLife at the end of this wave of activity, and have not seized the opportunity to introduce more activities to attract consumers or commodities continue this boom, it is a pity. Under a limited budget, the enterprise should use the Internet as a marketing tool, which is HiLife future can continue to strengthen and the force direction.
Case 3 Green Arrow to the super popular Hello breath easily challenge

Green Arrow chewing gum in the world with nearly a hundred years of history, rates and brand awareness, are in a leading position in the chewing gum market rate, "Green Arrow give you a fresh tone" brand image imprinted in the minds of consumers. However, the "historic" brand, must face the problem of an aging brand. Faced with new products constantly chewing gum, Green Arrow hope that the rejuvenation of the brand image, consumer extending down the ages.
Therefore, the green arrows at the launch of the new flavor of the green tea mint, for the first time the focus of the campaign on the Internet and can communicate with the 15 to 30-year-old consumers use younger like sharing through blogs, collect series habits good tone bring good popularity "brand spirit conveyed.
Active policy spokesperson for the activities popular with younger Welcome "Lollipop Boy" website as a starting point for integrated marketing, ongoing communication content and interactive games good tone of good popular brand appeal, so the Green Arrow image from the functional (fresh breath) and emotional face some link - good company, eat, drink, sharing gum, intimate relationships.
Scrimmaging fight popularity

Interactive and fun both

Bremen director of Network Business, said Yang Haibin, in order to attract the participation of young friends into the Bremen team crafted a lively special campaign website, to narrow the distance with netizens interactive concept. Order to clearly convey the concept of "the good tone Wangju good popular", so users can be more a sense of participation, activities scrimmaging more interesting topic.
Activities Lollipop boys into two teams confront them practical experience across the province to eat, drink, and published in the official website of blog, and for users to vote. Users in the support of the voting, you can also fill out the information and a message, and the series to the users blog. Netizens to vote and leave a message, will immediately present in the active site map image changes color with the number of votes, creating a tension of intense fighting.
Bremen network planning director Catherine Chan, also indicated that most network activities are presented to the official website, or the activities blog, but this challenge millions of popular activities, but at the same time to update the blog and official website, not only can users adhesion of the active site, but also to improve the interactive and participatory, effective also multiply.
Integration of a variety of marketing tools

Build the overall brand image

In addition to the blog series with voting activities official website also provides many creative download options: play popular analysis of small game, to the the Kuso way to convey to the users Features "Green Arrow Fun easy blog games attract users to download, and promotional activities and brand again, in addition, also combined with free Internet newsletter, so users can easily recommend this to friends and family.
Network propaganda, Green Arrow combination of television advertising, physical retractable banners activity, television programs to inform the activities of messages, so popular aggregation to websites and blogs out of more than 200,000 website visits, about 30,000 people take part in the voting, activities blog visit more than 11 million of good results. Significant growth during the event, the the Green Arrow gum sales, according to the survey, consumers buy Green Arrow gum, more than 80% of consumers have seen the network activity, and 7 percent of consumers said , this marketing approach can impress them visible green arrows that you want to communicate with the younger target, very successful.
Green Arrow chewing gum use Internet actively contain the rejuvenation of the brand image, marketing planning tools to the Internet, television programs, advertising, entity activities, efforts to create holistic "good tone to bring good popular aspirations, creative show to create a high popularity on the Internet.