Training marketing talent with LEGO

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The late 1990s, the Internet industry is rapidly booming industry after the early 2000's bubble, so the loss of a lot of Internet marketing talent, began to flourish in recent years, the Internet industry, talent lean only from non-directly related industry winkle, increase training and running difficult. Even US's largest portal Yahoo! Kimo, also admitted that in looking for the right talent process, very hard, Yahoo!

The Kimo Human Resources senior manager Ke Zhiting said the network's lack of talent, you must be working to improve education in US, so Yahoo! Kimo from four years ago, held the Summer Intern Program Summer Internship Camp, an annual selection of the dozens of students interested in the Internet industry, training, and also to the various tertiary institutions in the industry-university cooperation, education in US the current lack of a fill up.
Face every year about two thousand students a summer internship application, Yahoo! The Kimo special emphasis on the application by two characteristics: know how to express themselves and learn experience. Kezhi Ting pointed out, resume and self-introduction to articulate individual characteristics, plus very.

In part of the learning experience, particularly focused on experiencing the most, in addition to the intern you have to participate in extracurricular and community activities, international and city-level competitions, can make more outstanding. Although not particularly focus on the academic part, but this is a few years the selection of the incoming interns, almost before several of the National University students mostly Kezhi Ting said, showing a positive attitude to learning basic English ability, or will affect the part of the selection results.
Summer Intern Program This selection of 24 students, of which only four are college students, the rest are graduate students. Kezhi Ting said, become Yahoo! Yahoo! interns, unlike general corporate, with pay, and give almost equal to the principal treatment and resources. The interns also will be based on expertise, are assigned to the various departments. Kezhi Ting pointed out that the intern involved in the degree of internal planning and operations, not less than the principal officers, and also sign a confidentiality agreement, but basically Yahoo! The Kimo still keeps an open mind and confidence in their choice of talent. These interns from Yahoo! Yahoo! learn the operation of enterprises, Yahoo!

Yahoo! also from intern to observe to the idea of a new generation of network Kezhi Ting said, of these young people in their early 20s, the Internet, not the media, not a tool, but "life", so this generation, is The real future will affect the development of Internet-based media target object. Department interns to help with jobs, creative thinking outside the intern is also divided into three groups, the Group Project (community planning) game to let interns from the group squad to find the talent they need, from the group, for example, the Community talent, design talent, from scratch, how to find resources and apply it to their own planning, personal strengths to develop the game to prepare for the Internship Completion.
Another interesting tool, import Lego (Lego) building blocks. Ke Zhiting that Lego is an to help creative concrete medium intern unformed ideas concrete. According to the survey data, the image-specific communication will spread than simply spoken communication, higher than 67% of the memory effect. Before, Yahoo! competent meeting import "Lego seriously play" (the Lego Serious Play) mental agitation system, so that a charge of stacking music high the process step by step the problems and solutions specific technology, regardless of search, marketing and financial departments, Du can make use of Lego model, communicating with each other's point of view. Import interns this approach also allows the younger generation to visualize more abstract, Yahoo! Yahoo! Senior Director of Human Resources, said Lu Wenxiu, the last good creative output is not the most important, the entire creative process of excitation is the participant biggest gain.
And Yahoo! By accessing the Yahoo! Kimo actively training personnel, in the end what kind of person can Yahoo!? Kezhi Ting said, "Out of Box" qualities, think outside the box, know how to find the resources and innovation. Enthusiasm to the network is a basic condition for the more important to have their own point of view, and teamwork, because the Internet industry to be successful, has never been a personal work can be completed, a good team, than a unique personal help. Of course, because the network is 24 hours media, it is possible in the work, a long time to find their own fun, is also very important.
Kezhi Ting said that the past four years, Yahoo! Kimo through internships, training more than 70 interns, which has a smooth heads, because to continue their education or military service, while not formally employed. She believes that after several years of positive cooperation with universities, courses, industry specialization classes, plus internship system, the moment of the harvest should be coming soon ".
On the network platform, and the first to obtain high-quality talent, network fighting to maintain the leading position in the first step. Grab talent to admire the high-tech industry style all their own, the most famous is the headquarters of the U.S. Google, provide free clothing and food and beverage, colorful and creative office environment, plus the search for a leader's reputation, but also many U.S. computer The science graduates struggle broke the first company want to get into internship, internship performance well, almost equal to the iron votes to get into the Google officially door.

Time to set up in US, Google, not Yahoo! Yahoo! has come a long, but also to take through strategies for selection interns, for training chief talent to pave the way, and in early March of this year, they rented the 101 building, to prepare for future expansion. The efforts of the major Internet platform, in order to achieve good talent and retain good talent. Conversely, a serious brain drain marketing communications circles, whether to have the same courage to create the environment to retain talent, and business experience to heritage and cumulative, is a question worth considering.